Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Unjustified Homicide" The: Gary Grant Jr. Story

Who: Gary Grant Jr.
Born-March 8, 1976
Died-January of 1984 at the age of (7)

What: On the morning of January 12, 1984 during breakfast Gary had mentioned to his mother May, that he had an appoitment at 2:30 p.m, but the details were never disclosed.It was around noon time when he went outsode to playing telling his mother that he'd be back by 4pm. Later on when he failed to return his mother began to worry.She went to the house where two of Gary's friends lived, and they said he had been there but left to go home around 4:30 p.m. After a few hours went by May called her husband Gary L. Grant Sr., a police detective.Gary Sr. Searched the area fruitlessly until around 1 or 2 a.m. By morning, the police had began to search for little Gary.His father was prevented from joining the official search due to conflict of interest.Despite this, he started investigating independently where he met several people who claimed to have seen Gary early that morning.

When: Thursday January 12,1984 7 year old Gary Grant Jr. Failed to return home after playing outside with friends.

Where:In Atlantic City, New Jersey on the Corner of California and fairmont around 3:30 p.m, the body of little Gary Grant was discoverd by a man named Robert Hughey in a vacant lot near a wear-house that he owned.

Why: There's no clear motive as to why Gary was murdered but it has been speculated that killer was possibly somebody that his father arrested.

How: Police have confirmed that the boy was bludgeoned to death with a pipe that was found near his body.

Suspects: After the boys body was discovered, investigators began questioning people in the area.On person recalled seeing Gary that Thursday with near the local middle school with a boy named Carl "Boo" Mason, a developmentally-disabled 12yr old who was friends with Gary.While being questioned, Carl stated he last saw Gary on Wednesday when they rode their bikes at Texas Avenue Park.They planned to meet, on that following Thursday but according to Carl he never showed up. Despite what Carl has said, many people that the detectives had questioned said they saw them together on Thursday.By midnight that day, Carl, accompanied by his grandmother, was taken to the police station and he was interogated.His answeres were inconsistent and his recollection changed quite frequently.Around 3 a.m that morning, Carl said that he had not only been with Gary at the scene of the crime but that he had hit him, Gary fell and didn't get up again.The authorities felt that he knew things only the killer would've known and typed a confession which was signed by both Carl and his grandmother.Carl was charged with murder and was taken to a juvenile detention center.

On January 15, Carl was given a polygraph test, which yielded to inconclusive results.The test Showd that he was telling the truth about not killing Gary, however, it doubted that he was telling the truth about not being at the scene of the crime.One month later after Carl's arrest, a hearing determined that his confession wasn't admissible evidence, because none of the statement were made voluntarily.The charges against Carl were then dropped.

Conspiracy Theory: Gary Grant Sr. The father of the murdered little boy strongly believes Carl "Boo" Mason older brother, who was arrested on robbery charges days before Gary's murder.Might have to tried to force little Gary into taking part in an alleged scheme where he used children to help him rob houses.In such a situation Gary, the son of a plolice officer, would likely refuse to be apart of this instead he would've tried to inform the police and he might of been murdered to silence him.

Extra's: There was a t.v segment that aired, December 1, 1993, on Unsolved Mysteries which featured Gary Grants story. Still til this day the case has never been solved a reward of 15,000 is being offered: So if you have any leads that can help bring justice for the Grant family please contact, the Atlantic City, New Jersey police depart.